Pottery Classes 2015

Pottery Classes 2015

Wheel Pottery,
8 sessions of 2hrs each.
Weekday batch - Thursdays and Fridays
Weekend batch - Saturdays and Sundays
Cost : Rs. 9,000/- Includes
Training and bisque firing of all your pots, glazing of 6 pots of your choice, Plus " FREE STUDIO TIME " to come and practice on Wednesday to Friday for 2 hrs a day between 12 to 6 pm [for duration of your class schedule] Please note that for free practice you will need to buy clay and pay for clay and firing if any.

Hand Pottery
Thursday and friday or Saturday and Sunday
Time: 1pm to 5pm
Total2 sessions

Cost : Rs.7000/- Includes
Learning of all hand techniques like,pinching, coil & slab.Bisque firing of all articles,glazing of 4 pieces of your choice, Plus" FREE STUDIO TIME " to come and practice fromTuesday to Friday for one week following your class between 12 to 6pm. [2hrs per day] Please note that for free practice you will need to buy clay and pay for firing, if any.

Workshops 2015

Raku Workshops
For potters of all levels and Non potters too
All Raku workshops will be held on weekends.

No. of participants 8 [max]
Participants will have option of
1. taking readymade pots from the studio
2. Making their own pots
3. Bringing their own bisqe fired pots

Maximum Pots / platters or sculpture size should be 8"[ht] x 4" [dia]
No of articals to fire for each person - 4
Saturday,,,,,12 pm begin with introduction followed by demo of glazing followed by Raku firing , expected to complete 3 firings
Sunday.......12 pm onwards Raku firing continues.. . till we finish firing of all work
NOTE: Participants making their pots at potters place must come and finish their work 8 days prior to the workshop.

Fees: Rs.4500/-PER PERSON
Participants bringing their own bisque fired pots will pay only Rs. 3500/-

Registration starts now , first come first basis,
Payment in full with registration.
Tea and snacks will be served during the workshop.

Workshops on, alternate firing techniques like Saw dust firing and Sagger firing will also be conducted from time to time

To register call 9773095005 or Email : shalandere@gmail.com