Clay is malleable, it responds to every touch- very much like life, which gives back as much joy, energy and creativity as you put in!
I find clay an amazing medium, especially because of its responsiveness to the subtlest of touches.

At Potter's Place, Shalan Dere enjoys expressing herself through the medium of clay.

Classes and Workshops

At potters place shalan conducts classes for learning wheel and hand techniques, on regular basis. Workshops are also conducted, mostly on alternative firing techniques like Raku, Saw dust and Sagger firing.

To register call 9773095005 or
Email :

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Winter Sale on the 24 th November to 4th December At Potters Place, Garden Studio, Mahim, Lt Dilip Gupte Rd.

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My inspiration comes from nature and people – the joy of working with clay is the perfect reflection of my attitude to life. Clay is malleable, it responds to every touch, and you can make wonderful...

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